Why the backlinks are important for keyword rankings and seo?

If you know anything about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), You have come across the term “Backlink” at least once. Backlinks are an important factor in search engine optimization. They have become some of the essential building blocks for SEO.

What are Backlinks?

The links that are pointed towards your website are backlinks. Backlinks are also called as inbound links. The number of backlinks shows the popularity of that site. Most search engines, especially Google, will give more credit to the website which has quality backlinksGoogle considers that website more relevant in search engine results and provides them with priority over the other site.

How Google Show results?

When someone searches a keyword in Google search console. It calculates the results from most relevant websites to the keyword. The results then differ according to some quality backlinks. Now there is the consideration of quality backlinks.

In Search Engine optimization quality matters a lot. Relevancy is the primary factor in quality. If the backlink is coming from the website having relevant content to your site, then this link should be a quality backlink. These links are vital in the ranking.

Backlinks Types

There are two types of backlinks.

  • Do follow backlink links
  • No-follow backlink links

When a website page gets an inbound link, which is called as the hyperlink pointing to the page, the website page gets a small SEO boost. The more hyperlinks a page has, the more the SEO boosts for that page.

Watching how many backlinks a website has and from which website. If a lot of sites and people are linking to a particular website or a page, it must be an informative page or website. Google gives preference to that more informative page among the other.

Google has created a unique matrix to calculate this number of link points. This matrix is called Page Rank. Some SEO folks also called it Link juice. The link juice flows from one website to another through hyperlinks. This type of link in which link juice is transferred from the respective site is called a Do Follow link.

No-follow Link

no-follow link is a link that does not consider as a point in a website’s favor, It does not boost your website Rank and doesn’t help in ranking. In short, no link juice transformation toward a site.

How to check No Follow backlinks?

Whenever a link is created, it will be done with the HTML tag. This tag shows whether the link is followed or no-follow.

If the link is no-followed then the HTML tag will show the no-follow relation to that specific link.

No, follow links have no worth in Ranking. But it doesn’t mean no-follow backlinks are not useful. On the other hand, no-follow links provide valuable referral traffic to our website.

High-Quality SEO backlinks

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