What is bounce rate – a complete case study

Bounce Rate can be defined as the percentage of a single-page session. A session is the time of a person who left your web-page from the Landing page without getting any information or the page is not relevant according to his/her requirements.

It is the average percentage of visitors who just visited your site yet returned without conveying.

In the event that you check your site on GOOGLE ANALYTICS, on the off chance that it shows 75% off Bounce Rate, at that point, it implies 75% of guests simply left your site without accomplishing something.

“Less the retention rate of visitors more the bounce rate of the website.”

You should keep the visitors engaged with your page.

So why is this factor so important and necessary?

There are two reasons for it:

  1. The Bounce rate is a pointer of if a client interested in your site: If an individual doesn’t interested with your store or they leave directly subsequent to showing up, something must not be right.
  2. Google considers this variable with respect to how your site rank.

How to check if your bounce rate is?

You just need to enter in your Overview of Audience reports in your Google Analytics dashboard.

Here you will discover the rate you are searching for and the two factors that decide it: time spent and the number of pages visited.

It’s significant for you to dissect these 2 measurements since they are the ones that are going to mention to you what precisely is working and not working in your shop.

Would it be a good idea for us to get this data and fail to address it? That would be a shocking slip-up.

The general Bounce rate itself doesn’t disclose to us anything. How about we see why.

How to Keep the Bounce Rate Low:

  • Decrease your page loading time. Improve your website content relevancy according to search queries.
  • A few websites target explicit keywords in a productive manner. There serve content which is extraneously significant to that query, best-case scenario, or superfluous to the most exceedingly awful.
  • Everything starts with Google Analytics when you discover a page with least visits and high ricochet rate like 91% which implies 91% of guests left subsequent to sitting idle. Go to your that site page and find where is the content making clashes and change the content as per their pursuit.
  • Arrange the keywords which carried the greatest number of guests on the website page. In this manner, hit those keywords more and add all the more energizing content as per look.

Is everything clear and understood?

Considering this advice won’t just assist you with diminishing your bounce rate, however, it will likewise help your site ranking with Google.

What’s more, what does this convert into?

It will generate sales for you!