What are search engine robots?


Search robots also known as bots. Spider, crawlers, panda and penguin are tools used to build the database and that tools are used by Google, Bing and Yahoo. The Robots.txt file is used to tell the web robots that which pages on your site to crawl and which pages not to crawl. The Exclusive standard Robots were developed for the owners of a website. The Robots.txt is a file which orders the search engines, what to access and index on your website. The robot.txt file is one of the foremost techniques of telling (allowing) any search engine where it can visit your website and where it can’t.

The Robot.txt file is the part of the REP (robots exclusion protocol). This text file webmasters create to instruct the search engine robots. It is a group of web standards which modulate how robots have to crawl the web pages.

Block Non-Public Pages

The robots.txt file is used to hide some pages from clients. For example, there is login page so you do not want to land everyone on them. In this case, robots.txt file is used to block the visibility of that page.

For Example:

User-agent: [user-agent NAME]

                         Disallow: [URL Crawling]

#Significant to the website:

It helps the webmaster to get a faster crawling and indexation of their content on the site by including more data in the robots.txt record for the duration of the time.

Moreover, most of the robot.txt files contain the sitemap.XML address. It helps to improve the crawling speed of the bots.

Note: “Do not utilize the robot.txt file to hide your web pages from Search Engines, because other pages also point to your that page, and your web page could get indexed that way while avoiding the robot.txt file.”

#Resource File:

The robot.txt file can be used to block resource files like unnecessary images or content/script.

Eventually, an absence of the resource files makes the web page difficult for the crawler of a search engine; therefore, you’re not supposed to block them. It might be the negative factor for crawler because Search engine won’t do an excellent job of analyzing your page which depends on your resource.

#Positive Factor for SEO:

Website admin can control its URLs and Links from getting crept which can be tally the definitive factor.