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Three’s Firm Walkthrough & Information

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Three’s Firm is a facet quest accessible in Closing Fantasy 16.

Your goal is to assist Uncle Byron manage a gathering with Havel and Quinten.

Right here’s a walkthrough and information of Three’s Firm in FF16.

To start the search, discuss to Byron on the hideaway.

Final Fantasy 16: Three's Company Walkthrough & Guide

Converse with him to start.

Final Fantasy 16: Three's Company


Meet Havel on the gates of Ran’dellah

Head to the Dhalmekian Republic and go in the direction of Ran’dellah. You possibly can teleport to Boklad first and head south as proven within the map beneath.

Final Fantasy 16: Three's Company quest Walkthrough & Guide


Slay the turncloak troopers

Once you arrive, you’ll see Havel confronting some turncloak troopers. Slay all of them.

Final Fantasy 16: Three's Company wiki

Discuss to Havel after the combat is over.

Final Fantasy 16: Three's Company tips


Converse with Quinten

Subsequent, head in the direction of Lostwing in Sanbreque.

Go to Gaultand Bales to fulfill Quinten as marked within the map.

Converse with him to persuade him to go to Port Isolde and discuss to Byron and Havel.


Converse with Byron

Return to the hideaway to fulfill Byron once more.

You’ll then see some cutscenes between Havel, Byron and Quinten as they focus on plans to unite Valisthea.

The search ends right here. You’ll get The Triunity Accord curiosity which is displayed in Clive’s Chambers.

You’ll additionally obtain The Breath of Darkness (Heaven’s Cloud) accent.


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