Quality backlinks vs quantity backlinks

What is back linking?

The process that redirects the traffic from other websites to your website is called a back linking. Back linking is a strategy of mentioning a website by others and receiving their link juices.

What is link juice?

A linking of your website articles or website’s homepage with another referring domain passes link juice. Quality backlinks helps to improve the ranking of an article. Moreover, it improves the domain/page (DA/PA) authority.


  • Backlinks helps to improve the best search engine ranking results.
  • The content which is getting organic links from other websites, naturally rank up with search engines.
  • Backlinks help search engine bots to find your webpage links and crawl the site successfully.

Quality Backlinks VS Quantity Backlinks

Backlinks quality and relevancy matter the most in SEO. Search Engines consider it as a decisive factor for ranking if it comes from relevant authoritative domains in your niche.

If the website has a high Domain Authority/Page Authority and similar content to your backlink, it might consider it as a do-follow backlink from that site.

The backlinks that come from irrelevant and immaterial content leads to negative SEO. All those sites which are penalized in ranking and those who are violating the Webmaster guidelines of Google can have a negative impact on your SEO.

You need to perform a quick website audit to all those websites on which you plan to create backlinks for avoiding a bad strategy of link building.

Things to remember before creating backlinks:

All backlinks are suitable for your site.

Bulk backlinks can cause a problem.

Anchor text is an important part of Search Engine Optimization

Domain authority/ Quality and the role of quality content are supreme.

The spam backlinks may cause harm to your site.

Features of Quality Backlinks:

  • Link diversity
  • The link source is trusted
  • Niche relevancy
  • Location of backlink
  • Anchor text’s brand

Obviously backlink quality matters more than backlink quantity. Finding spam websites and low authority domains and creating backlinks from the irrelevant website may penalize your site. The algorithm of GOOGLE updates now punishes websites that use this bad bulk link building strategy.