IDC Social Media Management

IDC Social Media Management

‘93% of marketers recently claimed that social media management was important for their business, with 80% indicating their efforts increased traffic to their websites’. 

Developing a Communication Strategy

Social media is an extremely powerful communication tool that enables you to interact with existing and potential customers, particularly if your business exists mainly online.  It is often easy to underestimate social media as part of your marketing strategy because it has become popular so quickly. Businesses report that their social media strategy has increased their customer base. Marketing campaigns that develop good relationships with customers are the most successful ones.

Understanding Your Business

A good solid social media strategy is based on a secure understanding of what your business is about and who your customers are.  Businesses who are able to identify their key products and services are more focused in their social media campaign.  We will be able to help you to determine a strategy based on the demographic of people you are aiming to attract to your site. A clear understanding of your business will make the content of your social media campaign interesting, informative and of high quality.

Social Media Management

As the name suggests social media involves communicating with potential customers through, words, pictures and even videos.  Some of the techniques we use for our clients include:-

  • Informative, interesting and search engine optimised blog posts on your website.
  • Regular Facebook and Twitter posts.
  • Building up photograph collections on Pinterest and Instagram.
  • Demonstrating your service using Youtube.
  • Sending regular newsletters to people who have signed up after visiting your site.
  • Our graphic designer and cowriter also work together to design unique infographics to help promote your business.

Benefits Of Social Media

  • The use of social media makes it much easier for you to be found online.
  • Brand awareness – potential customers will become aware of your company’s existence through Google searches and on Twitter and Facebook feeds.
  • Improved loyalty – once genuine people start following you they are more likely to become customers, when they need what your business has to offer.
  • More Opportunities to convert – if you can be seen you are more likely to gain customers than if you languish in the shadows.
  • Higher conversion rate – studies have shown that the human aspect of social media makes the likelihood of customers using your services much higher than a catch-all advert.

What We Can Do For You

After a detailed consultation where we get to know you, your business and your customers needs we will develop a bespoke social media strategy that will fit your business needs.  Our fully managed social media service will allow you to do what you do best, whilst we do our thing!

We work with companies small and large, and can work on your social media from just $19.99 per month.