How duplicate content spoils your ranking?

Duplicate content is content that has been already composed by someone else. So, if you take the content of one website with the notorious Copy/Paste and then publish it on your website, then you have duplicate content.

Duplicate content describes substantive blocks of identical or similar content that appears on a single domain or across multiple domains. Mostly, duplicate content is not deliberate or deceptive, which is why Google does not issue a duplicate content penalty.

Duplicate content can be caused by many things, from technical difficulties or unintentional errors to deliberate action. Before getting into more technical aspects, we must understand first what content duplication actually is.

Duplicate content is an important issue of Search Engine Optimization because search engines try to filter out as much plagiarize content as possible.

There are many tools available to check the internal and external duplicate content for a specific web page. These tools are capable of detecting two types of Duplicate content.

#1 Internal:

If one domain content is noticed on multiple pages of your site on the same URL, then it means you’ve internal duplication.

#2 External:

External duplicate content also known as cross-domain duplicates. It occurs If you have the same content on various domains then it says you’ve external repetition.

How it affects your site?

When Google crawls the content of your web page and compares it with other indexed sites content, If your content match with other website content, Google considers it duplication and it leaves a negative affect on your website SEO ranking.


If a page is detected for duplicate content, search engines will penalize the page by lowering ranking or totally removing them from SERPs (search engine result pages).

Duplicate content can cost your website a lot if Google finds duplicate material on your page. Therefore, try to keep your content unique. There are many ‘FREE’ and ‘PREMIUM’ tools are available to check duplicate content on Google, but the best technique is to find directly.

What will happen if you have duplicate content?

  • Lower rankings in search results
  • Dissatisfied users looking to learn more about a topic
  • Decreased website traffic, sales, and leads

Why it is significant to remove duplicate content?

Unique content is the most valued factor in SEO. Search engines consider it a negative point if someone copies the content of the other.

Search engines try to find the source. Therefore you can check the URL for a relevant search query and filter all duplicates.

As all know that search engines do a great job of filtering duplicates, Still it’s very hard to determine the original web page.