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Capital Punishment Walkthrough & Information

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Capital Punishment is a primary story quest in Ultimate Fantasy XVI.

Your goal is to go to Rosalith to defeat Hugo Kupka.

Right here’s a walkthrough and information of Capital Punishment in FFXVI.

Final Fantasy XVI: Capital Punishment Walkthrough & Guide


Proceed in the direction of Rosalith Fortress

The search begins while you attain Rosalith.

Head via the gates.

Final Fantasy XVI: Capital Punishment

You’ll study that enemies use Shield which implies their barrier can solely be damaged with magic assaults.

Proceed forward after defeating all of Kupka’s males.

Final Fantasy XVI: Capital Punishment Walkthrough

You’ll then face a Stone Headsman which is an elite mob. As at all times, use stagger to your benefit.

Final Fantasy XVI: Capital Punishment Guide

After the battle, preserve going via the metallic gate.

Final Fantasy XVI: Capital Punishment quest Walkthrough & Guide

There’s a crate close by that offers you The Will of Lightning (Pile Drive) accent.

Final Fantasy XVI: Capital Punishment wiki

You’ll then attain Rosalith Fortress. Defeat the group of enemies within the compound.


Slay the Coeurl

The Republicans will launch a Coeurl.

Slay the Coeurl. This beast makes use of fairly quick slashing strikes however will be dodged.

Do takedowns every time the desire gauge reaches 50%. Proceed to convey the gauge to zero for staggers after which unleash your whole expertise.

Throughout the battle, the Coeurl will do an electrocharge.

Simply preserve launching all of your expertise and Restrict Break to cease the Electrocharge from releasing.

After the battle, you’ll achieve a Coeurl Whisker amongst different issues.

Hugo Kupka then seems and captures each Clive and Jill.


Save Jill

Throughout the cutscene, Gav saves Clive from the jail cell.

Head in the direction of the courtyard the place Jill is ready to be beheaded.

Throughout the cutscene, Torgal transforms right into a mystical being and stops the beheading.

ff16 - capital punishment


Slay the enemies

Defeat just a few waves of enemies right here.

ff16 - capital punishment guide

ff16 - capital punishment wiki walkthrough


Defeat Hugo Kupka

Lastly, enter the fortress and face Hugo.

This battle is kind of robust when you’re not utilizing any help rings. He’ll assault repeatedly however there’ll be gaps so that you can land hits.

After his well being goes down round 1/3, the bottom falls and the battle continues underground.

He has a number of expertise together with Weight of the Land the place he’ll do AoE assaults. You possibly can keep away from them by recognizing the circles early.

ff16 - capital punishment defeat hugo kupka

He additionally does Stripmine the place he pulls up the complete floor in entrance of him. They are often prevented.

ff16 - capital punishment how to defeat hugo

Be careful for his Earthen Fury as properly by dodging it.

After the battle ends, Clive cuts off Hugo’s arms however the latter is saved by somebody from Waloed.

You’ll get an Earth Shard from the spoils.

As regular, Clive sucks Hugo’s powers.


Return to the hideaway

Return to the hideaway.

You’ll now have the facility of Titan in your talents tab. The search ends right here.


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